Belle Offri - Ein Nashut Winery A sweet place

Belle Offri tourist farm - Ein Nashut winery had opened its gates ten years ago and is offering its visitors a variety of experiences. Good food, good wine, arts and what lies between according to the Jewish bookshelf.
Cut-glass, jewelry, petting corner, boutique winery,  dairy restaurant, oil press.

The farm has two central values;
It is ecological, entirely built from recycled materials and every corner is connected to Jewish and Israeli tradition. The family members work at the farm and together create your experiences.
Our credo about tourism is direct contact with our guests, where we impart some of our knowledge about art and gastronomy, acquaintance with the Golan vista and Talmudic era which we are trying to recreate in our enclosure.

Our favorite gastronomic flavors are the home-made ones, transmitting personal talent with family cooperation and creativity that render warmth and closeness.