Tour in Belle Offri, Ein Nashut tourism agriculture farm

The tour includes: general presentation of the farm's central ideas, which are: A. Ecology and building from recycled materials, B. Recreation of a Golan farmer's daily routine 2000 years ago, C. family initiatives in time of crisis , D. the good life: art, good wine and home-made cheese.

General tour: presentation of the main farm ideas, which are: A. Ecology and building from recycled materials, B. Recreating the daily routine of a Golan farmer 2000 years ago, C, family initiatives in time of crisis, D. The good lives: art, good wine, home-made cheese

In the beginning, watching and feeding our livestock, gathered from all over Israel for rehabilitation after trauma and handicaps.
Later on the guests will enjoy a visit in the barn, oil-press, wine-press, clay ovens and the well, while learning about the ancient technologies used in various agricultural seasons. The wheat and flour, vineyard and wine making, olive orchard and olive-oil etc. Visiting the wine cellar, which was a Syrian army bunker, hearing an explanation about wine making in our "Ein Nashut" boutique winery, named after a Jewish village from Talmudic times, who lived on wine making and on its land is Kidmat Zvi, where Belle Offri is situated. We are also commemorating a pilot whose resting place is unknown, shot down during the Six Days war at the exact location where Kidmat Zvi was established 30 years ago.
Visit the family gallery, presenting our art in Cut-glass, goldsmith and sculpture. The cost of the tour, wine and cheese tasting - 35 NIS per guest.
At last, visit in the restaurant, which is an amazing architectural building from stone and wood, all with recycled materials (except the food). Inside there are three trees. We will taste the wines, including Petit Verdu, Cabernet and Merlo and enjoy cheese tasting: Camembert, hard and semi-hard cheese, Noam cheese made from the local goat milk.