Agricultural farm good for animals

Like in Noah's art, couples of animals, birds and rodents, geese, pigeons, chickens, turtles, rabbits, guinea pigs and ducklings.
They are living peacefully in the agricultural tourist Belle Offri farm. Joining them are goats, horses and donkeys.
Most mammals reached the farm because nobody else wanted them because of some disability.
A horse with a broken leg, who suffered abuse and reached us from the animal shelter, a donkey-foal with three legs whose forth leg was cut off by katyusha missile in the war when he roamed the woods near Zefat, so it is named 'whipped cream' (combination of Katyusha and Zefat).
Lately we received a young mare blind in one eye, who roamed in several farms before reaching us, and it is called "Gilboa"
The visitors feed the mammals and pet them and thus join the people who love animals.

Petting corner