Rainbow of colors

In the gallery you can see the Tiffani Cut-glass art.
You can order works per your own design and style, or from a catalogue.
Victorian-style standing lampshades, various styles of chandeliers, windows, mirrors, partitions, Judaic and ornaments.

Cut-glass gallery

Sculpture workshop

Sculpting in clay. Teaching rules of sculpting and working on personal products. The workshop will last about four hours. All products will be dried in the gallery and shipped after a month. The guests can immediately take products after first burning, paint and put glaze.
In the gallery and around the farm there are Tammy's sculptures. The sculptures are from clay and about personal experience and interpretation of Talmudic issues.

Jewel experience

In the "jewel experience" gallery, a collection of silver jewels encrusted with gold and other stones.
The jewels are designed and made on the spot by Bebbi.
It is possible to design a jewel with Bebbi's help, using a collection of colored and silver beads.

The jewels gallery