Restaurant Menu

Home bread with basil aroma
Peasants soup
Various spices: pesto, olives tapenade, dried tomatoes paste, pickled lemon etc.
Pickled season vegetables and pressed olives
Plate of various flavors home cheese
Fried eggplant with Tehine
Kich with season vegetables and Noam cheese
Ravioli filled with labane
Smoked fish with antipasti plate
Plate of house jams with liquorice cookies
Spice leaves infusion

The restaurant

The restaurant is built from basalt stone and wood, immense architectural work of art including three huge trees. From the windows you can see the amazing garden. In winter the restaurant is being warmed by a lit fire, which adds a lot to the atmosphere.
The restaurant is situated in the tourist farm "Belle Offri", which is a family farm where all family members living in the house and being hosted there are participating.
All products offered to the guests are handmade and we are those hosting the visitors. Usually visitors talk with us, ask questions about our way of life and the way of products' preparation and we comply.
Our favorite gastronomic flavors are the home-made ones, transmitting personal talent with family cooperation and creativity that render warmth and closeness.

גלריית המסעדה

המסעדה מבחוץ
המסעדה מבחוץ
בר המסעדה
בר המסעדה
  • המסעדה מבחוץ
  • בר המסעדה